Yoga Sessions

Explore the movement of the body, tap into your inner-creativity and connect with your breath in slow, mindful flows

19.jpgMy teaching

My yoga is about slowing down, following the breath and becoming aware of the little things. I focus on finding calm and space. My sequences are about simplicity, going inwards and on finding the space to really listen to your own body, mind and breath.

What I teach

I teach Hatha and Hatha flow. Hatha is often translated as Ha meaning sun and Tha meaning moon, in Sanskrit. This is referring to the balance of opposites within us; our active, hot, masculine side and our cool, reflective, feminine side. For me this makes sense as my yoga is focused on finding balance. It can though be more accurately translated as ‘“union through discipline or force”, for me this means building mental strength through physical practices. Yoga is a personal practice, it can be useful to focus on our physical body first, leaving each of us to then go on to make our own discoveries.

I am influenced by a variety of styles though including Scaravelli yoga and Ashtanga Vinyassa and these feed into my teaching.

Why practice yoga

Individual sessions allow you to focus on your own decision to practice yoga. Everyone comes to yoga with different intentions and reasons. These may include:

  • Physical or mental reasons
  • The mind-body connection – harmonising the mind with the body, through the breath
  • Fitnesss and health reasons
  • Stress and anxiety
  • To restore balance
  • To build inner-strength and explore the inner-self
  • To help deal with external situations and change response mechanisms

My classes

My classes generally begin with breath awareness and a long, slow warm-up. We then move with some more dynamic poses and balances, building heat and exploring movement. We end with a long relaxation (savasana). I also like to include some meditation and pranayama (a focus on the breath).

One-to-one sessions

One-to-one sessions allow you to discover your own yoga that is right for you as an individual. They enable you to find the asana or pose in your own time, the alignment that is right for your body and to move at your own pace. My sessions provide the opportunity to go deeper into yourself and to develop a mindful, sustainable, practice.

If you are a beginner, then sessions can be a wonderful way to learn at your own pace and to find your own path. If you already have experience or an established practice then a session can help you deepen this, grow in your practice and bring new insights.

What to expect from your session 

A session usually lasts 60 minutes but I am happy to be flexible around your schedule and commitments. I travel to you so that you can practice in comfort and in your own space and time. I will also bring any props that we may need, a mat if you don’t own one and relaxing music. During the first session we discuss your intentions, needs and preferences. For a full list of my prices please get in touch. I am happy for you to share a session with another person at no extra cost and am also happy to discuss concession prices for individual circumstances.

A session will usually include a slow warm up with breath awareness, before moving towards some dynamic flows, standing poses and balances. We then finish with some longer seated poses and relaxation. This is a loose description however, as a session is completely dependent on the individual.

Children’s classes

My children’s classes are calming, creative and fun. I believe that yoga can be a wonderful influence on children and benefit them in many different ways.

To name just a few, yoga can:

  • Build self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Build strength both physically and mentally
  • Increase self-awareness and a feeling of ease in their own body
  • Enhance focus and concentration
  • Help a child to create their own happiness
  • Help them make the choices that are right for them
  • Increase social skills

I provide a safe, supportive and friendly environment that allows children the opportunity to express themselves openly.

My classes in schools and after school clubs combine both yoga poses, games and creative elements. I focus on tuning into the breath, which can help with the anxiety and stress that so often pops up when growing up. My work as a Creative Museum Educator and my years working in primary schools before this mean that I understand the different learning and social needs of children. I am passionate about children learning in creative, informal ways and my background in arts and crafts means that I sometimes incorporate art techniques into my classes.  I have an empathetic and patient attitude, providing a warm and happy space for children to discover and grow.



I’ve had a few one to one yoga sessions with Helena and absolutely loved them. She’s an intuitive, knowledgeable and caring teacher who made me feel at ease but also challenged me. My sessions were carefully thought out and sequenced, engaging, and made me feel so much better afterwards. Helena is an incredible yoga teacher who teaches from the heart and with good music which is an added bonus. I can’t recommend her enough. – Clare Hudson

We’ve found Heli fantastic at introducing two absolute beginners to Yoga. She plans our classes carefully and gives clear instruction that displays a real understanding of the practices and techniques she’s teaching. She patiently explains areas of uncertainty and corrects posture when necessary. Above all she has the knack of pitching her classes at just the right levelAndrew, one-to-one yoga client