10 things to do on a small island

I moved from London to the island of Saba in the West Indies a few weeks ago. It has meant that I have had to make a lot of changes to my life but one huge change has been to my social life. I don’t have entertainment on demand any longer, I don’t have a TimeOut crammed full of exciting ideas to fill up evenings and weekends, I don’t have live music, the cinema, a million pubs, the theatre or a course for every hobby you can think of. You have to make your own entertainment here. It demands you be creative and self-motivated.

I haven’t been here long but Saba is already teaching me to take control of my own time and pursue my own interests far more than when I lived in the UK. I spend evenings making art, teaching myself guitar, reading, writing, doing yoga and mediating. After work I might practice free diving, star-gaze down by the ocean or, at the moment, head to a carnival event. At weekends we might have a BBQ, go slacklining, hike through jungle, swim, dive or adventure to find the hot springs. I would of course do many of these anyway but the difference is that if you don’t pursue your own interests here then that space isn’t filled with alternatives handed to you on a plate. It’s really a rare thing in this day and age: being required to inspire and rely on yourself.

A beach on Sint Maarten, the nearby island that you need to travel to before heading over to Saba. Get blown away by the force of the planes taking off!

Apart from my own interests, if you come visit us on Saba you could consider doing some of these:

  1. Diving – Saba offers world renowned diving in the Caribbean Sea.  There are two dive centres on Saba, Saba Divers and Sea Saba.
  2. Hiking – Saba has many beautiful hikes through cloud forests and jungle. You can also climb Mount Scenery to the top of the volcano, the highest point in the Netherlands.
  3. Snorkelling or swimming – head down to one of the beaches, swimming spots or go out on a boat.
  4. A yoga class – yoga is slowly starting to become more widespread here and there are three wonderful teachers giving classes on the island. Contact me for more info!
  5. A new art hobby – take classes in glass art, take part in our yearly event Create and Learn or sign up for a private class with one of our artists on the island.
  6. Tropics – have a cocktail by the pool and meet the locals.
  7. Carnival – visit the island during carnival season and dance to world-famous Soca artists. Join the community for jouvert and dance from one side of the island to the other at 4am!
  8. Climb The Ladder – walk down the 800 steps (and back up…) to Ladder Bay. Before the building of the harbour it was the primary spot for bringing supplies up to the villages on the island.
  9. Find new beaches – every year it is a gamble which beaches are going to appear. This year for the first time in the memory of some Tent Beach has appeared near to the harbour!
  10. Visit an archaeological site – discover Saba’s rich cultural heritage, spanning from Amerindian, to colonial, to the present day.


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Saba Archaeological Society

Dive schools

Sea Saba

Saba Divers


The Trail shop

Art and Craft

Glass workshops

Create and Learn



Scouts Place

Queen’s Resort






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